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In which I add another blog to the blogroll

I’m copying his early title style here – thus the Dickensian wording (at least I think it’s Dickensian – could be just 19th century style, but “Dickensian” sounds so much better). I think I discovered this blog, which has the … Continue reading

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I’m not 12 and it’s not my birthday, but thanks anyway!

Heather Armstrong, who started a blog years ago before most people had even heard of blogs, and who now makes enough from it to support her two children, administrative staff, and two dogs, writes and posts pictures every single day. … Continue reading

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Our culture of narcissism

I must say I find your resistance to Facebook fascinating. Am I so narcissistic that I can’t see my own narcissism in my daily Facebook participation? Are all my Facebook “friends” narcissistic? These are the existential questions that your views … Continue reading

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