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When what works and what’s right come together

Do you want to be right or do something that works? Back in another life I had a consulting company, and this was something my former business partner used to say in a segment we did on negotiation. Often, what’s … Continue reading

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My point exactly

Pat Oliphant/Universal Press Syndicate

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Breitbart the Fox

Only Rachel Maddow got it right. Be afraid, white people, be very afraid. No one had ever heard of poor Shirley Sherrod until Andrew Breitbart (who has replaced his former mentor Matt Drudge as the prime bottom-feeder for Fox News) … Continue reading

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Marriage is sacred, except for Karl Rove’s

New Year’s resolutions, four days late, but better than never: I will continue to write this blog every day; at least I’ll try very hard to write every day. It feels good once it’s done, like banging your head against … Continue reading

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Torture is fine, but forget gay marriage

Power drills and threats of rape and mock executions, not to mention actual (“authorized”) torture. Meanwhile Karl Rove was back here stirring his base with the moral outrage of gay marriage. A nation of barbaric hypocrites.

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Tax Day, Tea Parties, and Lee Atwater

“Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the democrats believe every day is April 15.” I wonder if this is when it all began. Ronald Reagan said this in 1984, when Lee Atwater was the political director … Continue reading

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