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The Fingerprint Waiting Room

This is such a crazy blog. I believe I have more readers now than I ever had when I wrote every day; when it had even a modicum of interest. Now my readers, and over 40 commenters, mostly come from … Continue reading

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It’s nothing at all, except for the young

Around the Corner, by Andrew Wyeth Death is Nothing At All Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away into the next room. I am I and you are you. Whatever we were to each other, that we … Continue reading

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In memory of Abraham*

I’ve watched people die and cats die, and cats, if they’re at the vet’s, have a much easier time of it. They get that wonderfully relaxing drug; curl up, and, for all we know, think they’re sleeping. People, if they’re … Continue reading

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Send me your tired, your poor…

For some reason, my hospice patients don’t seem to die. More often than not, the patient dies before the hospice volunteer even gets there for the first time. Families tend to wait till the last minute to believe there’s no … Continue reading

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Staying alive

“Her personality is hardening; her world is becoming smaller.” That’s how Chip once described an older friend of mine, after I complained about her fixed opinions and her unwillingness to change. It was sad, and it was true. In hospice … Continue reading

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Not quite ready to go

One of my current hospice patients was sent home from the hospital with just two weeks to live. Her daughter, at the suggestion of the hospice nurse, decided to reassure her mother it was okay to die. She said the … Continue reading

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