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Heather Armstrong

I used to feel slightly envious of Heather Armstrong although when I think about it that’s crazy, since she suffered from constant depression and was even hospitalized after her first child was born. But she did get better, wrote a … Continue reading

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I’m not 12 and it’s not my birthday, but thanks anyway!

Heather Armstrong, who started a blog years ago before most people had even heard of blogs, and who now makes enough from it to support her two children, administrative staff, and two dogs, writes and posts pictures every single day. … Continue reading

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From the outside in

I’ve been feeling exasperated with Heather Armstrong lately (and why do I keep reading Dooce.com, you might ask), the one whose blog makes so much money her husband quit his job just to manage her business and who has two … Continue reading

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Giving up on Heather Armstrong

I love diaries – other people’s diaries, which is why I keep reading Heather Armstrong’s site even though I can barely stand her anymore. Like all her other 500 readers (that’s just a wild guess; it’s probably more like thousands), … Continue reading

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Blog bullies

Sometimes I think it would be fun to have a big deal blog like Heather Armstrong’s, where she can put out a question and get over 500 answers; but then I remember what tends to happen on well-read blogs: first … Continue reading

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