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Swimming in the Fifth Dimension

I like to think about people jumping (or being forced) out of their goldfish bowls of certainty. The sun revolved around the earth, until it didn’t. The earth was flat, until it wasn’t. Paradigm shifts, in other words. When the … Continue reading

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Spoon-bending and proton collisions

My true-atheist friend and loyal reader asked me whether I’m still entertaining the idea that there’s an omniscient being out there. In the traditional sense of an omniscient being, like an anthropomorphic god, my answer is (and I say this … Continue reading

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God, shuffling his feet?

The magnets mysteriously failed, soldered connections came undone, a physicist found to be working with Al Quaeda was fired, and a bird that dropped a baguette caused a short circuit, but the Large Hadron Collider finally started up again this … Continue reading

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