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Why we call it August

Whereas the Emperor Augustus Caesar, in the month of Sextilis, was first admitted to the consulate, and thrice entered the city in triumph, and in the same month the legions, from the Janiculum, placed themselves under his auspices, and in … Continue reading

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Enjoying August with the Duc

The joys of August in the Duc de Berry’s court: horseback riding in long gowns, swimming (naked!) in the river or, for those less fortunate, harvesting his wheat; all protected, as usual, by the sun god in his chariot, Leo … Continue reading

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The August wee-wees

April is the cruelest month, but August is the craziest. Seems like it all began with poor John Kerry, whose boat swiftly sank in August of ’04, and then the next year Katrina took down Bush (and a lot of … Continue reading

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