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Kizoa: An alternative to One True Media

It’s a tiny blog I have here, a blog only read by (some of) my most loyal friends and family. Last June I somehow ran out of blog energy, and abandoned those loyal people. Little did I know what was … Continue reading

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One True Media is closing!

Nobody I know ever heard of One True Media, which may be why it’s closing, but the only reason Google gives us is that Disney acquired something called Spotify, which owned One True Media. It seems like the whole world … Continue reading

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Getting tired of complaining about Google

I signed up for G mail when it was just a baby.  It was the beta version, and to get an account you had to be invited by someone who already had an account. It felt so special. Now, I’m … Continue reading

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Even more problems with Google

When I read this in the Times the other day I decided I had to disconnect myself from Google Plus: But Google isn’t worried. Google Plus may not be much of a competitor to Facebook as a social network, but … Continue reading

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Untracked by Google

I see that Google was the second most-admired brand as well as company in 2013 (Samsung and Apple, respectively, were first). I love the Google Doodle; I don’t know what I’d do without the Google search engine (Bing and Yahoo … Continue reading

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The Powerball

I’m the go-to mechanical person in this household – if an appliance doesn’t work, I get the call. I’m the one to figure out if it’s just a tripped circuit or the wrong button pushed or a leaky valve or, … Continue reading

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My week in retrograde

Saturday evening: huge branch falls from beech tree – the beech tree that used to look like this: Our majestic beech tree, with a trunk you couldn’t get your arms around, a trunk that looked like an elephant foot, suddenly … Continue reading

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The best Google Doodle ever

But hurry to this link of my little recording (I think you have to paste it into your browser): it won’t last after today:

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Thank you, Anthony Weiner

I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve been following all this Weiner stuff, where, unlike Strauss-Kahn or Arnold, there’s no meta story about pigs and power but only the inescapable conclusion that our news media function at the level of middle school … Continue reading

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Just keep believing

I keep thinking about those Singular computers, the ones Kurzweil thinks are working on getting smarter than us. They’ll be passing Turing Tests, convincing humans they’re human, maybe even enslaving us, but also doing all kinds of incredible things. According … Continue reading

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