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The Fingerprint Waiting Room

This is such a crazy blog. I believe I have more readers now than I ever had when I wrote every day; when it had even a modicum of interest. Now my readers, and over 40 commenters, mostly come from … Continue reading

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Un lavoro strano

Italian homework. Last week we had to write an interview with someone. I wrote about a woman who had to give away her cat interviewing a kid (un ragazzo) who’d only had a cat when he was five or six … Continue reading

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The efficiency expert

I’ve written about this before, about how preoccupied I am with efficiency; about how growing up one of my very favorite books was Cheaper By the Dozen, written by a guy with twelve children who, fortunately, was an efficiency engineer. … Continue reading

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Election day

It’s primary day in Pennsylvania, and I didn’t get up at 5:15 and stagger over to the polling place and open up the machines and put up the notices and swear I wasn’t betting on the outcome and stare at … Continue reading

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Plastic Bags

In Portland Oregon I don’t think you could find a plastic bag to save your life. In the Rite Aid, you get paper. In Pategonia, you walk out with your newly purchased clothes naked in your hand unless, as I … Continue reading

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The welcome tyranny of the seasonal calendar

When I first became a manager, after spending my days finding out what the marketing people wanted to know and designing research and analyzing data and writing reports and generally living a self-regulated life, my days were suddenly taken over … Continue reading

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Why you shouldn’t rely on Google translate

So yesterday I wrote about what I was going to write about for my Italian homework (you can scroll down to read it if you missed it). Here’s how it came out: A Difficult Journey A few years ago, my … Continue reading

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