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Why are you writing a blog, anyway?

It’s what some friends ask me, mostly those who have no interest in reading it. Well, this is why. Hidden in this cartoon are lots of reasons, brilliantly conveyed by Bob Mankoff, the cartoon editor of the New Yorker. His … Continue reading

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He lives on in our lives

Way too many things going on, and it’s weird how this shot conflates two of the big ones. I always wanted to pronounce Steve Jobs’ name as in the Book of Job, which now seems fitting: it just doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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Eagle addict

“You Know You’re Addicted to the Decorah Eagles When …”, went the headline in the Huffington Post yesterday. It went on to tell us we’d know if, for example, we’d stopped watching television, or carried the computer into the kitchen. … Continue reading

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Ants, Uncle Milton, and tea parties

I loved my ant farm, or I should say my many ant farms, because I had to keep replacing them when the ants died. This, I assumed, was my fault – maybe I hadn’t followed Uncle Milton’s instructions carefully enough; … Continue reading

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The big A

It’s funny, when you think about it, that people mark graves with “emblems of belief.” Why are we here? What happens when we die? Just look at the graves, and you can figure out what all those dead people believed … Continue reading

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Spoon-bending and proton collisions

My true-atheist friend and loyal reader asked me whether I’m still entertaining the idea that there’s an omniscient being out there. In the traditional sense of an omniscient being, like an anthropomorphic god, my answer is (and I say this … Continue reading

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Philosophy, that frigid space

My friend-who-used-to-be-a-disciple is much more complex than painted by my dismissively broad brush yesterday. He would tell you that, in spite of the heart attack, his experience was valuable, and that he still believes his guru has access to a … Continue reading

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