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Kizoa: An alternative to One True Media

It’s a tiny blog I have here, a blog only read by (some of) my most loyal friends and family. Last June I somehow ran out of blog energy, and abandoned those loyal people. Little did I know what was … Continue reading

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Fargo: The End

Tomorrow is the finale – Fargo is leaving us. I’m leaving too, so while I’m gone, just listen to this music over and over. The use of music is so integral to the plot that each character has a separate … Continue reading

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Bad Babies

About two weeks ago I listened to a This American Life podcast called “Bad Baby,” that was broadcast back in March. The lead story was about a woman whose six year old tried to drown his younger brother, holding him … Continue reading

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They see you

They follow you around the internet, watching what you click on, what you’re thinking of buying, what you write. They watch you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. They know where you shop and what you buy. Their smart math majors put … Continue reading

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When what works and what’s right come together

Do you want to be right or do something that works? Back in another life I had a consulting company, and this was something my former business partner used to say in a segment we did on negotiation. Often, what’s … Continue reading

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Marriage Equality: the states are falling fast

They say Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Appalachia in between, which may explain why our state has been behind the times on social issues, like abortion and marriage equality. Our governor (whose name, mark my words, will be Wolf … Continue reading

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Rubik’s Cube

As I’ve written before, I’d love to be the person in charge of the Google Doodle, the one who both has to think about what happened on each date (as in “celebrating time”) and how to represent it in an … Continue reading

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