The Fingerprint Waiting Room


This is such a crazy blog. I believe I have more readers now than I ever had when I wrote every day; when it had even a modicum of interest. Now my readers, and over 40 commenters, mostly come from a Google search for “One True Media,” a wonderful video construction site that sadly went out of business rather abruptly.

My friend Curtis thinks I need to begin blogging again in this nutty political season, and perhaps I will. But  I’m inspired to write now because today I’m to be fingerprinted, for the second time (don’t we have a national registry of fingerprints? Can’t the FBI get my fingerprints from Homeland Security? Ah yes, big government. Will Hillary save us from this? But I digress).

Yes, the FBI needs my fingerprints because, after 16 years of being a hospice volunteer during which I never came across a single child, they need to be sure I’m not a child abuser. They needed all my addresses and names and former names – all of which, of course, Homeland Security already has as well.

I got an email this morning telling me I will need to wait in the Fingerprint Waiting Room, and this is how I imagine it.

Among the tags for this post is “One True Media,” and if you came here hoping to find out more, I’m sorry. It’s just gone.



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2 Responses to The Fingerprint Waiting Room

  1. mgm says:

    next blog???

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