Schedules in space

The day after a resolution-less New Year’s, the day most resolutions get broken anyway – what better day to start up this blog again, especially after reading this piece in the Atlantic about life aboard the International Space Station. It fascinates me – how they sleep, how they float around, how they eat and, most particularly, how their days are scheduled.

I’ve always loved schedules. Like lists of things to do, they structure a day, order one’s life. They contain anxiety, a therapist might say.

The article led me to a wonderful series of You Tube videos by astronaut Garrett Reisman. The link takes you to the beginning, but if you get bored, at least skip to the third, where he talks about his schedule, sent each day from Houston Control. It’s funny, and somehow comforting, especially on this second day of a year not yet structured.



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