Kizoa: An alternative to One True Media

It’s a tiny blog I have here, a blog only read by (some of) my most loyal friends and family. Last June I somehow ran out of blog energy, and abandoned those loyal people.

Little did I know what was going on in my absence: one post, called “One True Media is closing,” has garnered over 4,000 views. It is read on average 20 times a day, and has 26 comments – people who have lost their videos, people who’ve written to the honchos who absconded to Disney and then closed the site down, people wondering what could replace it.

One True Media was a great site – but now, at long last, I’ve found a what I think could be an even better one. It’s called Kizoa. It seems to have most of the features of One True Media (a huge music selection with no copyright issues, the ability to add both stills and videos, different text and transition styles, etc.), but also some important extras. The site, once you figure it out, is very user-friendly, with lots of guides and, if you can’t figure something out, the customer service people seem to respond to emails almost immediately. You can download your video to a DVD (with a premium membership); you can post it to Facebook or YouTube; and, most important to me, you can embed it directly into your blog without first posting it on YouTube.

So let’s see here if it works. I’ve created a little slideshow just to demonstrate some of the features – different fonts, text styles and transitions; and two musical selections as well as what they call “silence,” which allows only the sound on your video to play.

Okay, well it doesn’t seem to embed. But the link is good! Try it out, all you One True Media former fans! Meanwhile, I’ll write to customer service and see if embedding is possible.

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6 Responses to Kizoa: An alternative to One True Media

  1. Pam Flynt Tambo says:

    Welcome back! Have missed reading your blog. I enjoyed the travel pix this morning. Hope you and your family have a nice Thanksgiving. We’re making an Indian meal tomorrow–as in Asia–with Butter Chicken and Poppadoms, but with apple pie for dessert.

  2. phillyfolly says:

    Bobbie the place in Stoneington looks like paradise. We’re getting ready for the onslaught of rlatives tomorrow. We are hosting an example of one of the aspects of modern America that i really like: odd but accepted family gatherings. David’s sister’s boyfriend asked if he could bring his ex-inlaws. Gotta love it. Have a happy Thanksgiving! Maggie


  3. Roseanna says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I was one of those that wrote to the mindless morons that closed One True Media down, and truth be known, I’m still a little salty about how that was handled. Somehow I stumbled across your blog and now I have discovered Kizoa. I COULD HUG YOU!

  4. saliejaymz says:

    thank you very much for letting us know that there is one similar to onetrue media. this site is way better . i love it so much!!!..thank you for sharing…

  5. Edie (E dee) says:

    I wish this program would work with my android
    I’m alway stuck putting up on facebook

  6. Edie (E dee) says:

    Since I lost all my stuff from One True Media
    I’m not a happy camper
    and do almost everything on my Android
    I can’t find a site that would work with my Samsung
    I would love post pictures from the cars show n many other things
    please help
    EdieDresch / Owlyeagle/wixypixie

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