Un lavoro strano

Patient-in-hospital-bed-600x372Italian homework. Last week we had to write an interview with someone. I wrote about a woman who had to give away her cat interviewing a kid (un ragazzo) who’d only had a cat when he was five or six who, when asked, said sure, he knew how to take care of a cat: you just feed it, give it water, and let it out (it was funnier in Italian).

She didn’t give him the cat.

This week we have to write about a strange job. I wasn’t coming up with anything till my friend Beth reminded me of my standardized patient days. How could I forget?

In case you’ve forgotten you can read about it here; maybe I’ll try the Google translate trick (not English to Italian, that would be cheating – I mean I’ll reverse translate it back into English tomorrow). We’ll see.

Meanwhile, gotta go.

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