Memorial Day Weekend

IMG_0092I read in the Times today that you’re not supposed to ask a working person what their summer plans are because you’ll make them feel bad, especially if you’re headed off to your summer home in the Hamptons or the Jersey shore while they’re stuck freezing in their air-conditioned offices. But even when I worked this has always been my favorite holiday weekend, because it was the gateway to summer.  Maybe we’d envy those fifties-throwback wives who’d go off to the shore to await their weekend husbands, but we’d still talk of vacations, we’d finally see sunlight at the beginning and end of each day; we’d finally start to relax.

Early summer, when the garden awaits and the weeds are still small and the air is cool in the shadows and warm in the sun. And a three day weekend, when you can work in that garden or take pictures of shadows or catch up on reading or …

just do nothing.

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