Election day

IMG_0091It’s primary day in Pennsylvania, and I didn’t get up at 5:15 and stagger over to the polling place and open up the machines and put up the notices and swear I wasn’t betting on the outcome and stare at my iPhone and declare the polls open at 7 and sit on a hard chair all day looking up people’s names and signing them in and writing their names twice in two little books and smiling at them and asking about their children and their vacations, and I didn’t look at my watch every 15 minutes and wonder how I was even going to make it till lunch when, though we’re not supposed to, we’re allowed to go home; and I didn’t have to tear myself away from this beautiful day to go back and do the same thing over and over and over again till another quick meal at home and then even more and more of the same until the ungodly hour of 8 pm; and I didn’t close the polls and unroll the tapes from the machines to count write-ins and I didn’t count the absentee ballots and I didn’t fill in all the numbers in triplicate; and I didn’t say good night to my tired fellow sufferers, who are all there now as we speak.

And I no longer have to envy all the people coming in from the beauty of this day to vote who get to go out again into the beauty of this day because I am, as of this day, no longer an election official.

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