Three songs

When my children were little it felt like torture to have to take them and their birthday party guests to animated films, which is why I’ve not seen Frozen and couldn’t bear to, no matter how much hype it gets. (Animated films feel like they’re in between me and what’s really happening, making me want to run up and punch the screen, not a good idea at a birthday party gathering.)

But when I read in the Times that the song “Let it Go” makes tired grumpy little boys leap out of their beds in the morning, I thought at least I’d better listen to it.

Here’s the official version from the movie (feel free to stop listening when you get tired of the visual effects or of her voice, which is nice but a little too sickly sweet for me):

Now listen to this from Passenger, a much better song, but similar, in a way I can’t quite describe. It’s almost like an inversion:

And now a mash up of the two by the very talented Sam Tsui :

If another birthday party comes along and forces me into Frozen, I’m taking these along on my iPod.

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3 Responses to Three songs

  1. Curt says:

    iTunes tells me I have listened to Let Her Go 66 times. I never once thought the singer was a male. As for Let It Go, only those who have undergone a lobotomy could listen to that all the way through.

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