Jon Stewart versus Fox News (again)

We met a woman on vacation a year or so ago who seemed quite reasonable (especially since she was from Manhattan) until one day she said the only people who know the truth about Benghazi are the ones who watch Fox News.

Ah yes, Benghazi. If you only watch Fox News, your outrage might have been getting a little jaded now that health care seems like it might be a good thing after all, but never fear, John Boehner’s back to pump it up again.

Jon_Stewart_Scorches_Fox_News_Over_Benghazi_-_NewsHounds_-_2014-05-09_08.23.47Jon Stewart really put it to Fox the other night, as this image appeared next to him:

You’re asking people to get outraged about an intelligence failure that tragically led to some Americans losing their lives.


Jon_Stewart_Scorches_Fox_News_Over_Benghazi_-_NewsHounds_-_2014-05-09_08.54.37And then imagine if there had been a second intelligence failure right after that that tragically led to even more Americans losing their lives.


A few minutes later:

Jon_Stewart_Scorches_Fox_News_Over_Benghazi_-_NewsHounds_-_2014-05-09_08.29.44You’re upset that an administration, in its haste to get re-elected, pulled some dodgy, face-saving shit.



Watch the whole thing. If I run across that woman from New York again, I’ll tell her that the only people who know the truth are the ones who watch the Daily Show.

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