IMG_0083Every time I see this tree I think about  a rather odd combination – Osama bin Laden and global warming.

When I last wrote about it, on April 18 of 2012, spring was two weeks early. In 2011, I took its picture five days before they got Osama bin Laden, and, as you’ll see if you clicked the link, my friend Beth saw the title and thought I was writing about him.

That date was April 18. Today, nearly a month later, it is laden again.

I used to complain about the words “climate change,” which seemed to me at best a euphemism, more likely a denial, of the more blunt “global warming.” But now I’m reluctantly coming around. Our climate is changing.

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1 Response to Re-laden

  1. Maggie says:

    Some forecasts have eastern Pennsylvania becoming a Seattle-like climate. Other areas hot and parched.

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