The welcome tyranny of the seasonal calendar

IMG_0080When I first became a manager, after spending my days finding out what the marketing people wanted to know and designing research and analyzing data and writing reports and generally living a self-regulated life, my days were suddenly taken over by my calendar: meetings, and more meetings. It took a while to get used to, but then I grew to like it, believe it or not. The meetings were usually boring, but I didn’t ever have to figure out what to do next.

Now that I’m retired, winter is like being an analyst and spring, summer and fall are like being a manager – in that the seasonal calendar governs my days.

Early this morning I acquired 7 herb plants, 21 tomato plants, and 5 peppers. It’s going to rain tonight, maybe; then be sunny for a few days and then rain again. When to plant? Meanwhile the lawn, mowed once, got 6 inches of rain the other day (an inside day governed by Italian class and Italian homework and, truth be told, Words With Friends and worst of all truth be told Candy Crush Saga) and is calling once again.

I suppose this may be as boring to some as meetings are to nearly everyone, but I figured I needed to live up to the title of this blog once in a while.

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