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Fargo again

The blizzard sequence is reason alone to start watching if you’re not already. And just a note: I’ve been putting off writing about what happened in Santa Barbara because the meta analyses are so confusing and I’m having a hard … Continue reading

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They see you

They follow you around the internet, watching what you click on, what you’re thinking of buying, what you write. They watch you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. They know where you shop and what you buy. Their smart math majors put … Continue reading

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Un lavoro strano

Italian homework. Last week we had to write an interview with someone. I wrote about a woman who had to give away her cat interviewing a kid (un ragazzo) who’d only had a cat when he was five or six … Continue reading

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You can trust us now

The application process was so arduous I thought the airport interview might even be worse. I knew they’d take our fingerprints (all ten of them), and I knew they’d take our pictures, though I didn’t know we’d have to take … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Weekend

I read in the Times today that you’re not supposed to ask a working person what their summer plans are because you’ll make them feel bad, especially if you’re headed off to your summer home in the Hamptons or the … Continue reading

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The efficiency expert

I’ve written about this before, about how preoccupied I am with efficiency; about how growing up one of my very favorite books was Cheaper By the Dozen, written by a guy with twelve children who, fortunately, was an efficiency engineer. … Continue reading

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The Americans

It’s not often that a TV series finale ties up all the loose ends, even the ones that seemed like they were going nowhere, and leaves us with an even better plot for the next season. Without giving anything away, … Continue reading

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When what works and what’s right come together

Do you want to be right or do something that works? Back in another life I had a consulting company, and this was something my former business partner used to say in a segment we did on negotiation. Often, what’s … Continue reading

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Marriage Equality: the states are falling fast

They say Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Appalachia in between, which may explain why our state has been behind the times on social issues, like abortion and marriage equality. Our governor (whose name, mark my words, will be Wolf … Continue reading

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Election day

It’s primary day in Pennsylvania, and I didn’t get up at 5:15 and stagger over to the polling place and open up the machines and put up the notices and swear I wasn’t betting on the outcome and stare at … Continue reading

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