My Italian Homework

indexWe have to write about some sort of a travel snafu for my Italian class tomorrow, and so I thought I’d write about it here, where the words just flow out of my head into my fingers and onto the page, as opposed to how it is in Italian, where I scratch it out in pencil, looking up every third word and the tenses of all the verbs and wondering how on earth you say all the things in Italian that are so easy in English.

That, actually, is the benefit of learning (trying to learn) a foreign language – it makes you much more attentive to how clever you are, being able to say, and write, so easily every thought that comes into your head.

And so. We were on our way to Yosemite, where we were going to spend a week hiking among the High Sierra camps. We had to check our luggage, because we had hiking sticks that aren’t allowed on planes (recently they almost were, till the flight attendants protested the TSA rule change, worrying they wouldn’t be able to defend themselves against some crazy passenger wielding a small knife or a hiking stick, a concern I think is quite nuts, but anyway).

On route to Cincinnati the pilot suddenly announced we were making an unscheduled landing in West Virginia. Why? No one knew, not even the flight attendants.

We trooped off the plane and got in a long line at the counter. Still no word on why we landed. Finally, after several hours, we were told the plane had mechanical difficulties and they were going to put us on a bus to Cincinnati. By then we’d missed our San Francisco flight, so we got re-booked on a flight through Milwaukee, arriving in San Francisco around 8 that night.

No luggage. The Lodge at Yosemite is about two hours away, through mountains, and besides it closes at 8. Non-refundable deposit there for the first night.

We found some motel through my cool Around Me iPhone app, and drove to Yosemite the next day; finally the luggage arrived the next day.

Miracle of all miracles, however: Delta refunded our non-refundable Yosemite Lodge deposit.

This is way complicated for Italian. Maybe I should just put it through Google Translate and see what comes out!

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4 Responses to My Italian Homework

  1. curtislauber says:

    Extremely stressful, just reading about it.

  2. Pam Flynt Tambo says:

    I hope that reading this doesn’t jinx the rest of my trip. We’re in Avignon tonight in Provence, France on a coach tour. So far it’s good!

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