Leaving, on a jet plane

indexNo, I’m not going to write much more about that missing airplane, although, buried deep in the Daily Mail’s story a few days ago about the co-pilot’s unsuccessful last cellphone call was this:

An email received by the Mail recently suggested that the aircraft had been hijacked and that the pilots had been ordered to fly around Malaysian and Indonesian air space while negotiations were carried out.

Those negotiations, said the email – from a source in Malaysia which could not be verified – demanded the dropping of a jail sentence imposed on Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

The hijackers, said the email, gave government negotiators five hours to meet their demands or the plane would be destroyed.

Last night Malaysia’s Acting Transport Minister said he could not comment on the report in the New Straits Times adding that ‘if it is true, we would have known about it much earlier.’

Seems to me that’s much more important, and interesting, than a co-pilot trying to call his mother. But that was it – no follow up either in the Mail or anywhere else as far as I can tell; no explanation of where this mysterious email came from.

And that’s it from me for a while – I’m leaving, on a jet plane. Try a random post if you’re bored, or check back in about a week.


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