Non ridete

imagesIn my Italian class the other day we talked about different forms of mass media – and yes, “mass media” is the Italian word for mass media – and what our primary source of news was.

I should have said something simple, like un giornale, but instead I endeavored to talk about the Daily Show. This was extremely difficult in Italian. First of all, our teacher had not heard of Jon Stewart, so we (my kind compatriot was helping me out, his Italian being a bit better than mine) had to try to explain what he does on his show.

Ah. Satirico! she said. But that can’t be your primary source, she said.

Again, I should just have acquiesced. But no, I had to get into how you can sometimes get at the truth though satire.

Finally I gave up, and said yes, that’s right; and really I read the New York Times and then watch Jon.

And I have no idea why I tortured myself so, since, truth be told, I no longer watch the Daily Show – I just can’t stand the audience laughter, and all the loud laughers trying to be the last ones heard.

But that would have been way too complicated in Italian.





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3 Responses to Non ridete

  1. curtislauber says:

    I quibble only with the word “sometimes.” Satire is the BEST way to reveal the truth. Jonathan Swift is still doing it successfully 250 years A.D.

  2. desertina says:

    LOL I was just thinking that I was wondering what else you were doing besides watching TV and Internet stuff, and I thought well I should write and ask B what else she is doing and if she is still taking Italian classes…and then here comes this post…and it’s about media!….LOL…(are the parents in law studying English?) I’m still fascinated by languages, studying French, one word a day, and Arabic a bit more, with its multiple dialects and so-not-European grammar…thanks for the new Italian word satirco, such an iconic Italian word…I would like to study Italian, too…I can imagine a world where we all speak to each other in multiple languages per sentence, which is what we did in Morocco: a little French, a little Arabic, a little English, wherever we could find a word we knew how to say that the other would understand… xo Tina

    • bobbie says:

      gee – I guess I better get more of a life! The parents in law are not studying English. Our nipote (it’s the word for granddaughter, grandson, grandchild, nephew, and niece!) will be brought up bi-bilingually, so maybe we’ll all gradually learn from her!

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