Who is Stephen Colbert?

The first time I ever worked in a campaign office I thought everyone there knew a whole lot more about politics than I did, until one day a young field operations manager started talking about Stephen Colbert.

“He’s very right-wing,” he said.

I felt a little more secure after that.

What’s fascinating to me is who Stephen Colbert is underneath his Colbert Report persona. Although I never watch any of the late shows (too late), I think I’ll have to tape a few. I’d think he’d have to shed his suit to get into (out of?) character – it will feel kind of like seeing him in his underwear, a la Walter White.

faar02_colbert0710But here he is, posing for Vanity Fair, without that sardonic look of his. Maybe just a shirt like that will do.

And he should lose the glasses.

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1 Response to Who is Stephen Colbert?

  1. Pam Flynt Tambo says:

    I love Stephen Colbert–almost as much as Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. We watch them at 7 & 7:30 p.m. as a rerun of the previous night.

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