The things you can learn on the internet

indexI’ve made a new discovery, which could keep me up late at night if sleep weren’t so important to me (more on that in a future post). It’s called LiveJournal (the link is to Wikipedia, which has a first sentence that somehow brings to mind ZunZuneo):

LiveJournal (LJ), or Zhivoy Zhurnal (Живой Журнал) / ZheZhe (ЖЖ) in Russia) is a social networking service owned by SUP Media where Internet users can keep a blog, journal or diary,[6] and is also the name of the free and open source[7] server software which runs the LiveJournal website and online community.

You can find it here.It looks a little random until you look over on the right and down a bit, where they list their “top communities.” You can read about politics, or chocolate, or celebrity gossip, which brings me to how I discovered LiveJournal.

We went to a Teddy Thompson (son of Richard and Linda) concert recently, and I was so captivated by him I did the Google thing to find out more about him. “Teddy Thompson-LiveJournal” appeared, and the link led me to the Teddy Thompson LiveJournal for March of 2003. He was in LA, describing the concert venue at which he was to perform that night, and wrote:

I reached into my pocket and dug around for my cell phone. I had already forgotten an important detail, when I arrived at the venue earlier; there were a bouquet of tulips waiting for me up front. Assuming they were from my mother I didn’t read the card until after I tuned my guitar and set up. They were from Hugh.

If you click on that hypertext, as I did, you’ll discover who Hugh is, and if you read his entry for March 18, 2003, you’ll see why he sent those flowers.

Who knew?

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