Does the glove fit?

I was traveling a lot during the O.J. Simpson trial. At one point I was staying with my aunt and uncle on Cape Cod while I attended some seminar, and each evening when I arrived back at their house they, and my mother who had traveled up there with me, were all staring at the television, transfixed by the trial.

I was too. During the jury deliberations I was conducting a workshop in Wyoming. When the verdict was about to be read we stopped the workshop and listened to it on a radio. There aren’t too many black people in Wyoming, and this workshop was mostly union guys, so there was a lot of muttering to be gotten through before we could continue.

But back to South Africa, and the Pistorius trial. If I lived in South Africa I’d probably be transfixed again, all day every day. His defense seemed pretty weak to me till yesterday, when he stumbled around on his stumps. Defense props, just like the glove (“if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit”).

IMG_0579-001But yet. South Africa is a scary place. We were robbed in this apartment as we slept in that bed. The apartment was in a complex surrounded with electric wire. It had a balcony, four floors up, to which the thief climbed.

Most of our valuable stuff was in the safe. He could have threatened us with a gun, made us open the safe.  We were lucky just to be robbed.

I follow a few South African blogs, and I know they were upset at the way their country was portrayed in the foreign press after the murder (is an accidental murder still a murder?). Those who live there are used to it, living in their gated communities and never venturing out at night alone.

So is it all put on, his paranoia, his terror of intruders? I only read about the drama of the prostheses, but it seemed a little more convincing than the glove.

And yet. Watch this video.

If O.J. Simpson had had that prosecutor, things might have been quite different.


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