In which I add another blog to the blogroll

Screenshot_3I’m copying his early title style here – thus the Dickensian wording (at least I think it’s Dickensian – could be just 19th century style, but “Dickensian” sounds so much better).

I think I discovered this blog, which has the lovely title of Infinitefreetime, through WordPress’s mysterious (at least to me) method of getting people to like, and sometimes follow, one’s own WordPress blog. They (WordPress) send messages like “so-and-so likes your blog why don’t you check out theirs?” or words to that effect.

The little messages would make my heart leap, at first, until I realized many of these bloggers must go somewhere, who knows where, and check boxes on other blogs to promote their own – at least that’s what I concluded after I took WordPress’s advice and checked them out.

But I do check them out, and I like Mr. Infinite. I like the layout, first of all (well, full disclosure, we both use the Twenty Ten theme, even though it’s now 2014). The little thumbnail up there is the photo he uses, which works in the wide format much better than my current cherry blossoms, which I need to change. (I hope he’ll forgive me, unlike the paleo cookbook lady, for “stealing” it.)

I like that he tries to post every day, like me (so far this is a rather narcissistic list of reasons), though I have no idea how he has that infinite time, considering that he’s not only a teacher with some number of what he calls Other Jobs but also has a wife and a toddler and does a lot of the cooking! Plus he’s a writer, and writes quite well. He writes about teaching and television and cooking and sometimes about the little WordPress quirks, like the odd tags they sometimes suggest for one’s posts.

I also love the way he appears in the Blogroll – wonder how he and Terry get those cool pictures to appear.

This post will be sort of a WordPress experiment. I figure they’ll notify him that I’m following him (though I unchecked the box for getting daily email updates – like CVS calling to remind me to renew my prescriptions, I hate getting emails reminding me to do things I already do), but I wonder if he’ll be told he’s now in my extensive, widely read, blogroll (tongue-in-cheek alert).


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