What I learned, and missed, on the train yesterday

She asked if she could sit next to me, then proceeded to make and take innumerable calls. I learned about all the problems people are having with her boss at the TV production company she works for, the clients they’re meeting with, and other various nuggets which might have been quite helpful had I worked for a rival firm. (Just to see if this assumption was correct, I Googled her boss’s first name, her first name, and the name of the company. Yup.)

During all these calls she had two hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. As a result of all these calls she had to reach across me to plug in her phone.

She was quite nice, actually, finally apologizing for all this toward the end of the trip.

Amtrak has WiFi, but if you’re trying to watch eagles be forewarned: Amtrak Connect does not support this site. That little gray ball of fluff? It’s the first baby eagle, born yesterday.


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