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Why you shouldn’t rely on Google translate

So yesterday I wrote about what I was going to write about for my Italian homework (you can scroll down to read it if you missed it). Here’s how it came out: A Difficult Journey A few years ago, my … Continue reading

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My Italian Homework

We have to write about some sort of a travel snafu for my Italian class tomorrow, and so I thought I’d write about it here, where the words just flow out of my head into my fingers and onto the … Continue reading

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Fargo, redux

I just took a test to find out if I was an “intolerable intellectual.” I came out a little more intolerable than my friend Curt, who posted this quiz on Facebook where I guard my privacy too highly to let … Continue reading

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What I’m thinking during Shavasana

Shava – Corpse; Asana – Pose This pose gets its name from the recumbent posture of a dead body. It is a position of rest and relaxation, and is usually practiced towards the end of a yoga session – a … Continue reading

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What it’s like to be inside the music

The Orchestra sent us this little note: A decision has been made after the Orchestra’s first rehearsal yesterday to bring the audience closer onto the stage from the Conductor’s Circle to both offer a more intimate listening experience as well … Continue reading

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Trying to get back to my eaglets

First they were all asleep under her. Then she was gone and they were still all asleep. Then my Firefox screenshot tool suddenly disappeared, and I had to find it again after installing various other screenshot tools that didn’t seem … Continue reading

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Why we live where we live

It’s always raining in Portland (Oregon), at least every time we’ve been there, except for last June, when it was 95 degrees and humid, which everyone said was very unusual. The people who live in Portland love it because, they … Continue reading

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Leaving, on a jet plane

No, I’m not going to write much more about that missing airplane, although, buried deep in the Daily Mail’s story a few days ago about the co-pilot’s unsuccessful last cellphone call was this: An email received by the Mail recently … Continue reading

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It’s winter again in Iowa

And unfortunately it’s coming our way too.

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Non ridete

In my Italian class the other day we talked about different forms of mass media – and yes, “mass media” is the Italian word for mass media – and what our primary source of news was. I should have said … Continue reading

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