Heather Armstrong

I used to feel slightly envious of Heather Armstrong although when I think about it that’s crazy, since she suffered from constant depression and was even hospitalized after her first child was born. But she did get better, wrote a book, made enough from her blog so that her husband could quit his job and work for her in the joint study paid for by Verizon, and had another child (who is so beautiful I’d love to post a picture of her but I’ve been scared off by that other blogger who accused me of stealing her photo).

Her blog, which today I am adding to my blogroll, is now thirteen years old and, I’m a little embarrassed to admit, I’ve read nearly all of it. I stopped for awhile when she became kind of insufferable, as I wrote a few days ago; but as I checked back every now and then I realized she was totally miserable and that her marriage was failing.

To be able to make that much money from sponsors, she’s had to be way more willing than I am to self-disclose. Her blog, especially in the past when her life was more tumultuous, felt a bit like coming upon a diary in a secret drawer at a stranger’s house, staying up all night to read it,feeling like a voyeur – and then going back, again and again.

Kind of like Candy Crush Saga.

Her husband Jon also had a blog, a much more nerd-like thing about photography and music. Then, as their relationship grew more fraught, they began writing almost parallel posts about what was happening.

It’s funny – I’d like to post an example of this, when they both wrote on the same day about their separation and how miserable they were, but even though they both willingly put it out there for all to see , it feels too exploitative. (This is why my husband can’t quit his job.)

Instead, here are some links for that day, January 17, 2012. Jon; Heather.

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