Paleo People

breakfastEvery day, it seems, another friend of mine is raving about their Paleo diet. They have so much energy! They’ve lost weight so easily! They’re in such great shape!

Whenever I think I might try it, however, I’m brought up short by breakfast. What would you like for breakfast, I asked one Paleo friend. Oh, just some kale, smoked salmon, and black beans, she said.

For breakfast?

Another friend recommended this site for recipes. Turns out its title, “the clothes make the girl,” is as odd as its recipes. This person’s breakfast: half an organic Pink Lady apple (okay so far), grilled chicken breast, chicken livers, spinach sauteed in duck fat, organic tea, nuts, and chocolate. That is one weird breakfast, which I’d have a hard time choking down at any time of day (except for the chocolate part).

I guess by the time she finishes making it it’s time to start on dinner.

I’m going to stick to my five-minutes-to-make, five-minutes-to-eat breakfast. But maybe I’ll add in some chocolate.

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4 Responses to Paleo People

  1. Hey! You’re using my photo without my permission AND it kinda looks like you’re making fun of me… ouch! That’s a yucky way to start a Monday morning 😉

    That breakfast is weird, but it’s also delicious and, as I explain in my blog, hitting particular nutritional components that are pretty important for me right now. You might try it, just as an experiment — you might like it.

    If any readers are curious about paleo, despite the “odd” recipe of my blog, I do have a pretty easy-to-understand overview of paleo on my site ( and hundreds of delicious recipes, no liver required:

    Happy eating!

    • bobbie says:

      Oh Melissa I’m so sorry! I didn’t think to get your permission for the picture, which I should have. I write tongue in cheek sometimes, but didn’t mean to make it sound as if I was making fun of you. I did link to your blog so that my Paleo friends could find good recipes though!

  2. hey that’s my breakfast! You forgot the salsa though, or maybe I didn’t mention it that time. Lunches are just ad good: today canelloni beans arugula and a whole bunch of cubed tofu cooked in chicken broth til the broth got all absorbed. Hey it works for me: I have ribs again! 🙂

    • bobbie says:

      I know – I quoted your breakfast deliberately. See comment below – I think I need to watch my snarky writing style!

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