Getting tired of complaining about Google

I signed up for G mail when it was just a baby.  It was the beta version, and to get an account you had to be invited by someone who already had an account. It felt so special.

Now, I’m sad to say, I have another complaint to add to my list of Google complaints: they have secretly disabled the G mail notifier.

I loved the G mail notifier. It was a tiny little envelope sitting at the bottom of my screen that would turn purple when an email came in and chime, the most lovely unobtrusive chime reminiscent of that happy “You’ve got mail!” feeling.

Screenshot_1All of a sudden the little envelope looked like this and, instead of just saying they’d gotten rid of it, there was some obscure message about being unable to connect. If you Googled G mail notifier (I guess in this case I should have tried to Bing the answer instead) we were told we could use Chrome if we wanted a notifier. Well, Google, I have Chrome, but I don’t use it because it doesn’t let me put my bookmarks down the side like Firefox. Plus, to get notified, Chrome has to be running, and I don’t want my browser running all the time.

Screenshot_2Firefox has a notifier too, but it makes a sound something like a robot clearing its throat several times, and instead of a cute envelope you get an ugly thing like this.

Gone, the good old days.

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2 Responses to Getting tired of complaining about Google

  1. Maggie says:

    Switch to MacMail!

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