Flight 370: In case you are as obsessed as I am and you have some extra time …

First, here are all the possible runways an aircraft of that size could land on (interesting that a radio station put this graphic together!):

Screenshot_1And second, everything that’s known so far, in cool graphic form, including the latest conspiracy theories (the most interesting part of all of this):

The internet has been abuzz with conspiracy theories about flight MH370’s disappearance, from terrorists to Tintin, some vaguely plausible, others simply ridiculous…


  • Flying bomb: According to this theory, the plane has been taken to Vietnam, where it is waiting to be used as a weapon in a 9/11 style attack.
  • Passengers alive: Because some relatives of passengers have heard ringing tones on their loved ones’ mobiles, rather than being put straight through to voicemail, they believe it is evidence they were still alive. In fact, not all such calls do go straight to voicemail, especially if the battery is also destroyed.


  • Alien involvement: Cyber posters looking on flight mapping website Flightradar24 spotted one object (identified as a Korean airliner) which appears to streak across the screen at an incredible speed around the time of MH370’s disappearance. A glitch on the website, said Flightradar.
  • Silicon connection: With an IBM executive and 20 members of a Texan IT company aboard, some have concluded a Chinese kidnap plot is afoot, with a transfer on to a ‘black site’ for interrogation.

Stay tuned. Maybe some day I’ll write about something else!

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2 Responses to Flight 370: In case you are as obsessed as I am and you have some extra time …

  1. curtislauber says:

    I don’t understand why it’s interesting that a radio station put together that map.

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