My two obsessions, for now

1. The missing plane
widersearchgraphicAnderson Cooper spent his whole hour on this last night. All the different theories, from the craziest (Lost is filming a new series) to the most straightforward (some sort of catastrophic mechanical failure), to the most interesting (the data tracking systems and the transponders were shut down 14 minutes apart, but then the plane sent both engine functioning signals and radar for 4 (four!) more hours).

(Except that maybe Rolls-Royce didn’t get the signals; maybe the Malaysian military didn’t get the radar …)

This is all too complicated to write about, so I’ll move on to the next, which will at least be resolved one way or another by Sunday.

2. The next storm (believe it or not)

a. Part one: where it’s coming from (love this graphic, and how it looks so much like the missing plane one)


b. And for us:


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