Dear Mr. Pizzolatto:

e8bfb9e34Listen: what about those five men? The beer can men Rust spent hours making. The five surrounding Marty’s daughter’s naked Barbie doll. The masked ones on horses; the ones on the videotape.

And what about the daughter’s porno drawings, and all the reappearing stars and spirals and crowns?

And are we meant to think the bad guys Tuttle and Tate are still wandering around the bayou, waiting for your second season?

Yes, it was a wonderful, deep character study. I loved the photography, the acting, the existential disquisitions. And I’m happy Rust and Marty made up at the end.

But it was also a DETECTIVE story. It was the lawnmower guy all along? And all that other stuff was just stringing us along?

I’m sorry, I feel cheated when the shallowness of the plot doesn’t match the depth of the characters.

But I did love it. Just please give us a better plot resolution next time – although next time, without those two actors, you probably won’t get such deep characters. Maybe you don’t have to worry.

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3 Responses to Dear Mr. Pizzolatto:

  1. curtislauber says:

    What an invitation to comment! To me the tin can men, the daughter’s drawings, the stars and spirals are all forms of suggestiveness. You know – they’re aluminum, but they’re people, who look like crucifixes. And the daughter’s worrisome drawings – just great reflections of the duplicity they feel in their home environment. As someone who expressed emotional disconnection in similar ways, I really liked that part. But the unresolved fate of the bad guys along the way, and their relationships to the final resolution…those I can’t make sense of.

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