The Yellow King

indexWhen Chip found out he was about to be drafted, he enlisted in the oxymoronic Army Intelligence, dropped out of law school, and read spy novels until it was time for Basic Training. I’d come home from work and find him lost in another world and, in those unenlightened times, make dinner, eat dinner, clean up dinner, and go to bed. No time for spy novels.

Now it appears I’m catching up. Just one novel (John LeCarre’s My Kind of Traitor); but I keep mixing up its plot with several TV programs of which, to make things worse, only one is actually about spies.

I realized all of this when I saw a Twitter post that somebody had figured out who the killer was in True Detective (not a spy story, but very much a mystery) and, of all things, posted a video about his (assuming the gender here) theory. I sent myself the link, averting my eyes – I swear I’m not going to read it till after Sunday, or whenever we manage to watch the finale (it’s going to be as bad as trying to watch the Olympic figure skating finales a day late).

I think it’s on YouTube (not going to supply a link because it might start playing!), and even the title “Yellow King Theory” gives a little away, although I’d already figured out the Yellow King must be the key to it all (sorry if you hadn’t). But is the Yellow King the former top guy in the organization, my muddled head says to me? Oh no, that’s LeCarre. Did one of our heroes witness an assassination at an airport? Nope – Justified (which is definitely not at all about spies, but is awfully confusing with bad guys and good guys all Kentucky-drawling).

Then there’s The Americans, where the FBI agent who has moved in next door to Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys (the Russian spies) thinks he’s extracting information from his mistress, a secretary in the Russian Embassy, but she has turned, and is reporting on him; and meanwhile Matthew Rhys (married courtesy of the KGB to Keri Russell) pretends to marry his mistress, who’s a secretary at the FBI, who has no idea who he really is … maybe. Each one a kind of traitor.

No one in this show is who they seem to be. Is this the key to the Yellow King? Stay tuned.

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