What to do?

I can’t imagine what Obama had to say to Putin that took 90 minutes. There’s not much he could say, except platitudes about respecting national sovereignty and democracy and Gee, maybe we’ll have to come up with some sanctions.

Did Putin threaten Bush when we invaded Iraq? No. He just quietly called it a “great political error,” and said the U.S. should respect sovereignty and international law.

And maybe that’s all Obama said as well. After all, we’re no longer subscribing to Bush’s megalomaniac belief that the U.S. can spread democracy throughout the world (that he started this grand process off by invading a country was just the first of many strategic errors).

And even Bush, by the time Russia invaded Georgia, seemed to have learned America can’t be the world’s policeman.

I bet he’s down there in Texas, painting his dogs and cats, and thanking God he’s no longer President.




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