Keep it up, rain gods!

350px-TlalocbraziercenteredI’m the only person I know who’s not sick of this particular winter, and I’m sure my readers are sick as well of me writing about this particular winter. But just think: this blog used to be ALL about the seasons and weather and time and what happened on each particular day, and so instead of yet another storm I could be writing about how today was New Year’s Day for the early Romans, except of course it really wasn’t exactly today because it took the Romans years and years to get the length of a year right, and then they had too many leap years and the seasons were all screwed up and Pope Gregory had to get involved, and …

Writing about storms is so much clearer. And I really like the idea that this particular storm, which as of now they’re saying could be up to a foot, is right now causing rejoicing in California.

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One Response to Keep it up, rain gods!

  1. We’re watching the rain–it’s about the only thing I miss about living in the Midwest. There were some rain dances here in Santa Barbara last month. Maybe they worked! News reports were that Lake Cachuma (one of our main sources of water) got 4 inches on Thursday and Friday. That’s a good start. Too bad all the water in the current storm won’t be left here in the West. You don’t need the water in the East.

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