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Good riddance.

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Poor Chris Christie

If only David Wildstein (who, in a previous life, was executive director of the New Jersey Legislature’s Legislative Caucus on Israel) had been there, he could have told Christie that speaking the truth to the Republican Jewish Coalition isn’t quite … Continue reading

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Give her immunity!

Chris Christie seems to have decided that bullying reporters (“can’t you take notes?”), and smearing the only woman among his former top aides is a promising path to the presidency. Bridget Ann Kelly could bring him down.

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Heather Armstrong

I used to feel slightly envious of Heather Armstrong although when I think about it that’s crazy, since she suffered from constant depression and was even hospitalized after her first child was born. But she did get better, wrote a … Continue reading

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Two saints

Two friends. It doesn’t seem quite right to tell their stories here, but yesterday I saw how far “in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer” can take a marriage. They won’t hear it, my two friends; one male, … Continue reading

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Winter meets Spring

I used to think if I lived in Michigan, on the Upper Peninsula where it snows all the time, I might get over my love for snow. Now I know I don’t have to move there.

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Mea Culpa

I’ve added what Word Press calls a widget over on the right; it’s called blogs I follow. For some reason Word Press thinks I need to follow myself, so that’s there, as well as Word Press itself. It won’t let … Continue reading

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Paleo People

Every day, it seems, another friend of mine is raving about their Paleo diet. They have so much energy! They’ve lost weight so easily! They’re in such great shape! Whenever I think I might try it, however, I’m brought up … Continue reading

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Teddy Thompson, live at the Tin Angel

It was so loud the tables were quivering; it was so loud in that small room with the tin ceiling I thought I’d never make it past the first song; but as soon as he started singing I was hooked. … Continue reading

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Forget about balancing eggs

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