In which I come around to George W., kind of

I knew I shouldn’t have written critically about Obama yesterday. First of all, it brought me a comment I immediately had to trash; one of those half-crazed vitriolic things you find if you unwisely venture into the comments section of political commentary.

But, perhaps to tell me I have to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, last night I dreamt I was hanging out with George W. Bush – quite a waste of a dream.  a_190x190We were standing out side in the snow, for some reason. If he’d invited me in to see his paintings, I might have discovered, as I did this morning, that he paints cats as well as dogs and himself naked in the bath, and I might have given him even more doubt benefit. Who knew?

And this makes me wonder – is old W. getting more politically balanced in his retiring years? Time Magazine recently posted a political personality quiz where the first question has to do with cat or dog preference:

Liberals have been shown to value loyalty and obedience in pets – traits more commonly found in dogs than in cats – less than conservatives do

I find this wording a bit difficult, but what it seems to be saying is that liberals like cats.

Good for you, W.

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