An unaccustomed sports review

Their Olympic performance isn’t up yet, but since they’re always perfect this gives you an idea of their beauty.

And yet it seems so long ago now, after the drama of the men’s singles final (where the drama was more about who withdrew and who fell, rather than the skating); and the ladies’ singles, where first Julia Lipnitskaya’s breathtaking skating at the European Championships had overshadowed everyone else:

But then she fell, both in the short and long programs, and Adelina Sotnikova was triumphant.

bbacb552990c5beff86735dcfa4e16af_crop_northBest of all, though, were Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski, and I was so pleased when Richard Sandomir recognized this in the Times :

Calling the women’s free skate live Thursday on NBCSN were Johnny Weir, Tara Lipinski and Terry Gannon, who have demonstrated the ability to deliver quick, critical analysis. Calling it on NBC in prime time in a recorded package were Scott Hamilton, Sandra Bezic and Tom Hammond, enthusiasts who are given as much to analysis of triples as they are to flowery praise.

The most important moment Thursday was how each team assessed Kim Yu-na, the defending Olympic champion and final skater of the night, who had been challenged by the Russian Adelina Sotnikova.

Shortly before Kim finished her program, Weir said that she looked “a bit tight,” and when she was done, he said quickly: “On a night when she needed to give more, she didn’t. She gave what she had to.”

As Lipinski watched the replay, she noted that the height of Kim’s jumps and her speed were less than usual, and that Kim had landed six triples to Sotnikova’s seven.

All the stupid controversy about the judging, which I won’t link to, detracts from every single one of these amazing performances. I loved every moment.

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