Even more problems with Google

When I read this in the Times the other day I decided I had to disconnect myself from Google Plus:

But Google isn’t worried. Google Plus may not be much of a competitor to Facebook as a social network, but it is central to Google’s future — a lens that allows the company to peer more broadly into people’s digital life, and to gather an ever-richer trove of the personal information that advertisers covet. Some analysts even say that Google understands more about people’s social activity than Facebook does.

I never wanted to be in Google Plus in the first place. One day an innocuous little message popped up when I went to search Google, asking me if I wanted to change my YouTube channel to my real name – and so I said sure.

The background to this is that, being on the technological cutting edge as I am (that’s tongue-in-cheek), quite a few years ago now I started making You Tube videos of some of our vacations. Somewhere along the line You Tube started calling this a channel, and somehow the name of my channel became a sort of contraction of my first and last names (the “somehow” is illustrative of the bluntness of my cutting edge).

Then Google acquired You Tube, and I guess figured they could con people into joining Google Plus by sending their little messages and, as a result, my newly-named channel is all mixed up with my name doppelganger, a floozy blond singer with a lot of music videos.

Anyway, after I read that article I decided to get out of Google Plus. Realizing I had to pay more attention to the consequences of messing with Google, I read all the fine print carefully, especially the part about not losing your You Tube channel. Click here, they said, to disconnect your channel from your Google Plus name.

I did. I not only lost my channel, but all my videos but one had disappeared.

I rejoined. They’re tracking me again.

All I can hope for is that they’re reading this as well, and will help me extricate my channel from the floozy singer.

Dear Google: Think of me as the raccoon in this video.

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2 Responses to Even more problems with Google

  1. curtislauber says:

    Can’t make the video work, but I assume he’s escaping, not backing into, the cage. Really like your social/political commentary. Do you take requests? I’m hoping for a peace [sic] on drone warfare soon. (Always wanted to use “sic” but I’ve never had the chance before!)

  2. curtislauber says:

    Oops, now it works. I DO NOT wish I worked in animal control!

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