The existential drama of Facebook

I find Facebook mildly creepy, and even more so this morning when I opened it up to find people saying, one after another, “Here’s my Facebook movie.” Apparently Facebook, who knows so much about you, takes the pictures you’ve “shared” (hate that word, always have; reminds me of the pop-psychology meetings we’d have at work after people got laid off) and creates a cute little movie with sappy Lifetime channel music. All the same, like Pete Seeger’s Little Boxes.

So it came as a pleasant surprise to find this, my son’s movie.

Screenshot_1And my movie, you might ask? I must confess I did check it out (you go to some link provided by one of your movie friends – if you have no movie friends I’m not sure how you find it), but I’ve “shared” so few pictures they couldn’t make a movie; it was just a rather dull collage.

Yes. Deeper meaning.

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One Response to The existential drama of Facebook

  1. curtislauber says:

    I must say I find your resistance to Facebook fascinating. Am I so narcissistic that I can’t see my own narcissism in my daily Facebook participation? Are all my Facebook “friends” narcissistic? These are the existential questions that your views engender in me. Particularly for someone (you) for whom connection comes so naturally. I will keep thinking, and perhaps a light will go on.

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