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My garden desk

I am rushing off to this lovely spot, the little desk I call my garden desk because I plan my garden here; rushing off because in February the sun shines on me as I sit here if I get there … Continue reading

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Unmitigating winter

I’ve written about my obscure weather forecasting site before, but since I’ve been consulting it so often this winter I’ve started wondering about where it comes from and, most of all, who writes it – because it has started to … Continue reading

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In which I come around to George W., kind of

I knew I shouldn’t have written critically about Obama yesterday. First of all, it brought me a comment I immediately had to trash; one of those half-crazed vitriolic things you find if you unwisely venture into the comments section of … Continue reading

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Obama’s drones

When Bush was President, I thought the people who said, “He’s our President and so we need to support him,” were idiots. Now Obama is President, and although I certainly would never subscribe to that idiotic point of view, I … Continue reading

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I’m not 12 and it’s not my birthday, but thanks anyway!

Heather Armstrong, who started a blog years ago before most people had even heard of blogs, and who now makes enough from it to support her two children, administrative staff, and two dogs, writes and posts pictures every single day. … Continue reading

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The cardinals are back!

Well, I don’t think they ever left; we saw them bright red against the snow all winter, but this morning I heard their song for the first time. This video, shot just three days ago, is not one of mine … Continue reading

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An unaccustomed sports review

Their Olympic performance isn’t up yet, but since they’re always perfect this gives you an idea of their beauty. And yet it seems so long ago now, after the drama of the men’s singles final (where the drama was more … Continue reading

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The business world

An unaccustomed early-morning trip yesterday to New York, on the first Acela of the day. Roads filled with cars before sunrise; business suits and briefcases and high-heeled boots all queued up for the train even though the train’s never in … Continue reading

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Standing their ground

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Drowning in candy

The first thing I noticed about it was on Facebook. Michele gave a life in Candy Crush Saga – weird stuff like that. Just two people seemed to be sacrificing themselves for candy; two people I didn’t know well enough … Continue reading

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