I don’t look like this either anymore

cropLots of comments (at least for this tiny blog) on my post yesterday, including this, from a private email I hope my private friend won’t mind my posting:

The best part of being old is that when you’re at an intersection where 4 cars are waiting their turns to go ahead, you always get the nod if your grey hair is visible.

And then she asked who that baby was, so I thought I’d try another picture that, although blurry, is impressive for its color, back there in 1946 or so.

But lots of people seem to think getting old is quite fine. This friend of mine actually told the people at Apple they needed to rethink their teaching approach for “the elderly.” I forget what teaching it was she found difficult, but had that been me I would have pretended I understood and then gone home and Googled like mad till I understood whatever they’d been in-comprehensively telling me.

Admitting incompetence is not one of my strong suits.

Another commenter told me to enjoy the deference. I wrote back:

Just for getting old, I should be accorded automatic deference? I’d like to know I’d done something worthwhile to deserve it, other than sporting gray hair and wrinkles.

And the reply:

You have done something: you’ve acquired more experience and presumably more wisdom than the people giving you deference.  You’ve paid taxes for the schools in the communities you’ve lived in.  Did you raise a family?  If so, what have they contributed? Etc.
Give yourself a break! 🙂

This is a very nice person, who makes me think maybe I need to lose my sardonic edge sometimes.

I’ll try.

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One Response to I don’t look like this either anymore

  1. what a wonderful picture with those warm tones from the old days of photography ! (cute baby too!)

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