Brain vacuuming

sleepingbrainAs I was nearly asleep last night Chip said “Are they going to clean your brain tonight?”

I laughed so hard I woke back up, almost barring the door for the cleaning squad. I had this image of tiny roombas zooming in and out of all the back alleys of my brain, careening off the walls, sucking up the detritus of the day. Or tiny janitors with mops and brooms, scrubbing away my foggy thinking.

12SLEEP-master495Ah – I see the New York Times online, which I was just about to link to, has just the image I was picturing. At night it’s like your brain becomes a little washing machine (to use yet another simile). The empty spaces in your brain (empty spaces? in my brain?) get larger, allowing the cerebrospinal fluid to bathe all the hard to reach places, washing the dirt away.

It’s such a lovely thought, that all this happens while we sleep. IF we sleep. Another alarming thought for those 3 am awakenings.

But apparently the same thing happens under anesthesia. So if you have trouble sleeping, just make sure you scedule lots of elective surgeries.

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