Pity my poor DVR

tvToday is the start of a series of difficult Sunday evenings for philistines like me, although since even the highbrow leader of the Democratic Party, the New York Times, beat me to it on the front page no less, maybe I’m not so “disdainful of intellectual or artistic values,” after all (as Merriam-Webster defines “philistine,” just in case you were wondering, as I was, making me even more philistinistic I guess, having to look it up in the first place).

But getting back to my DVR: First of all, the U.S. figure skating championships have been on all weekend, and I haven’t even finished watching yesterday afternoon’s events (Chip tells me this is a waste of time, as he sits downstairs flipping between soccer and football).

Then, “The Good Wife” has suddenly resumed, after what I assumed was a finale several weeks ago. “The Good Wife” has a big problem, being on the channel that can’t seem to control the length of its football games, meaning that Good Wife (just can’t keep up with all those quotation marks) starts late, meaning that I usually have to record The Mentalist to not miss the ending. But tonight all hell breaks loose, because Downton Abbey, having started its fourth season last week, and which seems less boring now than it was last year, also comes on at 9; and all of this means that if I had any hope of watching the Golden Globe awards, those hopes will end at 9, because you can’t record two shows and watch another at the same time. As the Times says, you really need two TVs on Sunday nights – but the other TV only knows how to do soccer and football.

Then, crazily, Girls and Episodes are also returning on Sunday nights, and HBO is premiering True Detective (which I’m hoping I’ll hate because it’s just too much), and all of this mayhem means my DVR will be still working in the wee hours of tomorrow morning.

I find people who talk about shopping extraordinarily boring, but I love talking about TV, as must be obvious by now; but if TV and shopping fall together in the same bored drawer for you (I’ll explain that reference sometime), I apologize.

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5 Responses to Pity my poor DVR

  1. curtislauber says:

    Aren’t the urges to read, to blog (write) and to watch TV all facets of the same need? My personal Word for 2014 is “Connection.”

  2. Out here in the west, for a price, Cox Cable (I think) will let you somehow record 5 or so programs at a time. So conceivably one could tape Sunday night’s shows and be set for Monday–Saturday when there’s not much to watch. I find huge holes in the viewing schedule some evenings–get a lot of knitting done that way.

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