If only her parents hadn’t named her Bridget

indexI love the George Washington Bridge, although it’s usually a nightmare to cross even when Chris Christie isn’t ordering lane closures. It’s so majestic; so thrilling to see the Palisades on the left and Manhattan on the horizon. And such a relief to be leaving New Jersey.

No one on last night’s news programs could talk of anything else, of course. The New Jersey bully finally had to apologize (for his staff, not himself). For two hours.

Well, no one except poor Fox News, who had wanted to make it all about Bob Gates’ antipathy for Obama and especially Biden. Instead, they had to accuse the “liberal media” of ignoring the important stuff, like the national disaster of Obamacare and Benghazi: Benghazi, how could you have forgotten about Benghazi?

Bill O’Reilly (another old white man who really needs to retire and collect his Medicare), upset that Christie’s bridge was the lead story in the New York Times, used the old Karl Rove tactic of painting your opponent with your own (dark) colors. They are running the Democratic Party, he said.

Yes, it is overdone, the focus on Christie. But it’s fun for everyone to speculate about what really did happen, and it’s good to see that bullies and liars eventually lose. As he will. But I feel for the unfortunately named Bridget Kelly, who certainly didn’t close down the lanes on her own.

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3 Responses to If only her parents hadn’t named her Bridget

  1. curtislauber says:

    Alright! THAT’S what I’m talking about!

  2. curtislauber says:

    Can’t resist another thought. He’s a much better liar than Clinton. To his credit, I remember thinking when Clinton did his Monica denial, “What a pathetic liar!” Christie, on the other hand, looked like he could pass a polygraph.

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