Goodbye Toto

indexI never saw or read The Wizard of Oz (I know, that’s ridiculous), so I had to Google the name of the dog, but this whole polar vortex thing makes me think of something that is swooping down from the North Pole and scooping up poor Toto; something that looks like this scary purple thing.

I guess it’s like the newfangled naming of winter storms, like Hercules – give me a break! If they can name it, people watch their stations and come to their sites to find out more about it.

But it is cold. NORMAL cold – it’s just that we haven’t had NORMAL cold for a while. Two degrees this morning, and we woke up to no heat! Debbie, at my friendly family oil burner company, told me to push the restart button, which I’ve done many times over the years, but which for some reason had disappeared this year. Push the red button: viola, heat! She told me several other customers with outdoor tanks had had the same problem, only their little red buttons didn’t work as well, and they were outside with hair dryers thawing out the line.

Yes, it’s normal. What isn’t normal is that yesterday morning the temperature was 58 degrees higher.

And why are we still arguing about whether weird weather is caused by global warming, and how come everyone seems to have agreed to call it by the more Fox Newsy, sanitized, “climate change”?

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